I'm after sounds for an app i'm buiding.

When a user clicks a fret I'd like the note to sound, any ideas where U can get these sound files? .wav, mp3 etc

I need them to just be short about a second, quality doesn't need to be great.

I have Reaper, would I be better of creating my own? If so how would I do that?

Do I need to record each note individually if so I'm guessing that will take ages.

Can't find any thing on Google
I would just create them all your own. That way you do not have to bother with any royalties or anything like that. In the time since you first posted, you could have had it done by now.
gravyYelp Heheh, you could even do it with Audacity if that helps you. Hook up your interface, record the note, export as mp3, and you are done with that note. Or you may want to record all the notes in one track and just separate them later.