Last thread on this was 6 years ago so thought i'd give it a shot.
Found a used Hamer Standard Korina Explorer, probably MIK for 260$. Anyone played one, how do they sound/feel?
My worries was the one i tried felt a bit cheap playability wise, strings felt way too loose and the frets were tiny to me, idk feel is a hard thing to explain, it just felt of lesser quality (which surprised me, it being a korean one after all). Also the sound was oddly hollow playing through the tiny tube amp in the shop, maybe it's the amp's fault, in any case that worries me a bit since they said the pups had been upgraded to duncans (maybe theyre just duncan designed but why would you do that?). Anyways, anyone have any additional experiences with this model? Should i be worried it might be a bit of a dud? Would be a shame since its a great deal for a MIK explorer.
the Korean made Hamer stuff is pretty decent for the most part. if you are used to more modern guitars then the feel might seem a bit off. the frets on those are similar to vintage Gibson frets and not the taller ones found on many new guitars. most Seymour Duncan pickups are branded so you'll know and the Duncan Designed ones say that on them.
Thanks alot dude. Yeah it felt very solid, maybe the frets threw me off abit. Youre right bout the duncan designed part. Guess i wont know the pup models til i take em out and look at the back of them. Crossing fingers it'll sound dope with a set of black winters in it.
EDIT. the reason it sounded hollow was prolly cus it has PAF pickups, not a fan
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