My buddy just put together a nice home studio setup in our rehearsal space. he spent a bunch of money on a desktop pc, monitors, scarlet 2i2 etc...

The issue is, when he plugs in his musicman 7 string to record, anytime he clicks on ableton, you can hear the computer processing information through his pickups. the noise only occurs when you move things around in ableton, or otherwise click on the screen anywhere.

Also, it seems isolated to this specific guitar. we tried another guitar with passive pickups and the noises was negligible, and on my bass with active bartolinis the noise wasn't present at all. Our rhythm guitar has the same guitar and pickups and its the same story.

What could be done to rectify this situation? Changing pickups on the musicman? anyway to better shield the computer? maybe build a ventilated cabinet for the desktop to sit in?
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Yes there is some noise through the monitors, but only when you get super close to the screen. The noise isnt persistent, it only occurs when the computer is processing information. like clicking, or running a software.

Would putting the tower in a ventilated cabinet shield some of this interference?
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That's strange. See if you can put the guitar amp on the same electrical circuit that the PC is on, also make sure monitors and PC are powered on the same power strip. Maybe it is picking something up from the tower, so try moving that away and maybe extend with USB extension chords if needed or get longer monitor cables. I had that issue with my MM guitar but it was on the CRT monitors.