Was just having fun making this song tonight and I'd like to share it with anyone who wants to check it out.

There are a couple 'wrong' notes in this one but instead of doing the usual thing of repeatedly re-recording until I got it, I just left these mistakes in.

And in the words of my brother - "It's all about the music"


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Sounds really good steve love the tones so pretty. the main lead melody is really catchy along with the arppegiated chord section . God it's a fucking long song lol. Some timing issues like at 4:13 but I mean that is really nit picky and you said you left some mistakes in. Phrasing going on at 5:40 is cool and very melodic I like the little thrills, fuck it leave that mistake in there at 7:33 just keep going haha... i like it.

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Thanks for listening man. Haha yes I thought that too when making that mistake - 'carry on' . There's little bits where I play to deliberately make it sound like a mistake though like the bit at 4:13 I think I know what you're referring to and it was planned - just a rough approach really but around the 7:30 mark like you say there's that note which clearly wasn't 'planned' but I sort of like that it wasn't planned.

But anyway, I'm going to check out your track tomorrow and I'll give you a little feedback on it.
Steve Hart

Hey Steve, this is one hell of a piece, those intro chords are so lush, I love the F#7(#11) chord, in fact, I even used it in a piece I've been working on. I can tell the Dream Theater vibes were strong in this one. I think the transition to the clean section was, well, non-existent. Perhaps try having the clean guitar play the same chords in the first section before changing them to ease the transition. That said, the vibraphone/glockenspiel(?) sounded very nice. The return of the original theme sounds very nice with the synth bass and the cleans sound better than the distortion at the start. The next theme around the five minute mark is quite nice, but again, the transition is not there. I think you have a lot of great ideas but not a cohesive way of connecting them.

I should also mention, the percussion sounded pretty week overall, not the playing, but the mix. It needs more punch, especially the kick and snare.

C4C? This one is definitely my most proggy piece, so I think you will like it. Note this is not the one with the F#7(#11) chord, that will probably be the next one I post.