Hey guys, just finished a cover of "So You Die" by Bloodbath. I finally figured out how to get very close to the tone on Ressurection Through Carnage or Entombed's Left Hand Path (it's actually closer to the latter). I used my 6505's lead channel with the gain set very low but boosted by my HM-2. Fricking awesome tone in the room -- but kind of challenging to record as it's so bass-heavy and thick. For rhythms I just double-tracked, as any more tracks just made it sound too thick and smooth.

My first thoughts after hearing it on Soundcloud just now are that the leads need to come up a bit in the mix. Still not 100% happy with the drums either. But I'd appreciate your thoughts. Either way, I had a lot of fun making this:

New version remixed for Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kailm-1/so-you-die-mixedmastered-for-soundcloud
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