Hello everybody. I'd like to ask if you could advise me a good, affordable multieffect that could be a substitute to my obsolete Digitech's iPB-10?
It can be around the same price or less. What's important for me is to it have expression pedal (or at least make possible to hook up one) and DigiTech Whammy effect so I guess it narrows down the field to Digitech manufacturer. I've been thinking about RP360XP, is it worth trying? Or should I rather go with RP1000?

Now my second question, which is quite noobie: is it worth buying individual pedals rather than multieffects? Is the quality so much different it's worth paying more? I'm a recreational player and my biggest performances are those I do in front of my friends, so it doesnt have to be top-tier setup.
Thanks for any help.
For playing in front of friends I think a multieffect would be better. Haven't tried that RP1000, but if it has the same presets as my RP90, I wouldn't recommend it.

Where are you located?
I'd look for a Line 6 HD500X
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i'll tackle your 2nd ?. individual pedals can be better in some cases or not as good in others depends on the pedal. the biggest advantage of pedals is that you can mix them instead of being stuck with what the multi-fx maker gives you. if you like the sound of an mxr phaser but prefer the delay sound of a TC Electronics pedal then great you get them. with a multi-fx whatever its programmed with is what you have to work with. in many cases that's fine but pedals do offer a more individual sound.

if you use a lot of fx then a mult-fx is usually the way to go. for simple setups pedals can be better. of course no law saying you can't use both and many do. myself I use pedals but only have 4 on my board and could get by with 2. really depends on your needs.
I like my Zoom G3. As you need the expression pedal, you'll need to investigate the G3x or G5.
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Boss ME 50 is straight up great. Each effect has actual knobs so it's way easy to mess with your sound.