Looking to buy my first electric guitar & I have to spend under 200$. So im trying to get the best cheap but solid for beginning to play I know. Im looking at Epiphone sg special ("limited edition") . Its Cheaper(120$ new on sale @ guitar center ) than Epiphones regular SG special, NOT the g400 obvi, but why i notice the pickguard isnt there idk? Would it be better than Les paul special 2 or Js22 dinky? I dont want a strat. On Rondo music they have a Hadean EG-530 Csb that looks gorgeous for 150$. Is it any good? Thank you for any input guys

Rondo's Agile line has a great reputation overall. Their less brands like this one also seem to be a good value for the money but there are few folks on here that have used them - I haven't. I'd guess that it will be on par or better than your large names like Epiphone, Squier, ESP/LTD, and Jackson at this price point.

For your first guitar the looks are crazy important - you want that guitar to sing to you and tell you to pick it up. If you love the looks of that one better than the others I say go for it.

Take the money you'll save and put it into a professional setup and sound reproduction - amp, software for your computer or iPad, modeling pedal, etc.

Don't underestimate the advantage of in person lessons either - holding the guitar and gripping the neck correctly are not intuitive and can help you tremendously!
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Like metalmingee says, looks are very important, you have to want to play it.

While value-for-money varies enormously all price points, the best bet in the lower price ranges will be something where not much has gone into bling. My views on this are very biased, as the plainer the better for me, but it is something to take into account. Just from personal preferences, my choice would therefore be the Epi Special II