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Anyone had any experience with the above mini amp? Day 2 the internal speaker seems to have stopped working.. Headphones work fine, tried a massive amount of plugging in and unplugging and turning off and on with different things plugged in and out, and adding moving various dials about. The tuner feature picks up on the guitar fine but no sound comes out, like it permanently thinks it has headphones plugged in when it doesn't.

About to concede the speaker might just be broken but it's brand new and the support teams are all shut down until January, not great timing so just wondered if anyone had any bright ideas, or knew of a way to "reset" the thing beyond unplugging it

i have the first version and mine just worked

thing you need to be careful of is voiding your warranty if you attempt a fix that doesn't work that leaves evidence behind (especially if you make the problem worse).

awful timing i know but i think the best plan is to contact them and wait (or wait until they're open again to contact them, whichever is handier).
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You can check the speaker with an ohm meter if you can get to it. No idea how to reset the headphones defeat feature though besides plugging in a headphones jack with the phones cut off but thats a long shot and only if if there is a relay that acts of resistance like cellphones. Probably not even worth trying since no headphones would theoretically be the same thing.
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