I recently acquired a schecter black jack avenger (7 string ) off Amazon . It was a great deal ! It's a great guitar , and came stock with nazgul and sentient pickups . I haven't read many reviews about the nazgul online . But the ones I've seen rave about this pickup .

Whenever I see rave reviews about something it almost makes me not want to go against it . Because I don't want to seem crazy ... but there is something about this pickup that I don't really like !

It's some what harsh sounding . I've messed with all kinds of settings and overall it's not that bad . But it has tons of output and gain but in a harsh sorta way . Not sure how to explain it . I also have a set of Dimarzio illuminators in a Les Paul and these sound freaking great in there .

When I switch back to the schecter with nazguls. They just seem kind of harsh sounding . They're clear , crunchy and big but just really harsh . Kinda sucks I'm already considering swapping out this pickup .

Anyone use a nazgul ? What's your honest opinion about it ? Like it or hate it ?
The way i see it is that nazgul meant to be a cutt tru mix , think fast riffing and licks like dragonforce , it must be tight with a punch ,no notes/chords that ring to long,no mushed up, it must be fast and articulated. As a eq response on your amp, u cand get that if u got alot of sloppy bass diled in , to get the picking attack high bring up the highs. This pickup got this preset up , so its kinda modern metal machine , if u dont like it , put it on ebay for a half prize -someone will be happy
p.s.i just got mine but still didnt instal them (waiting for pots and other parts to come in) but i did manage to conect them and try them out and they sound as what i expected.

This is a pretty gud example (no djent stuf )