so i kinda dig the duncan Nazguls, but they drive my amp crazy with their honk, the rockmaster pre i own is way too honky on its own already. I wonder is there any pickup with the output and tightness (they dont even have to be as tight really) that can really drive an amp but without the harsh mid EQ that gives that scratchy tubescreamer pick attack? Im probably thinking some fairly neutral, slightly high mid/mid scooped pickup with good clarity and definition (high output is a plus, the nazguls are 13.6, i think thats an ok max output).

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You can look in to the black winters. While basically designed for black metal, they apparently sound good in many styles. I know I want them
^^^I concur. The Black Winters are an amazing set. They are pretty balanced regarding EQ -- plenty of mids that are grindy and aggressive but not honky/quacky like a djent pickup. They're tight, but still give the bass some room to breathe. And their cleans are amazing, neck or bridge, or my favorite, both at the same time.

Edit: Here's a couple tracks I did using my guitar with the BW set exclusively:

(D Standard Tuning) https://soundcloud.com/kailm-1/the-gathering-of-hostsfist-of-the-heavens

(Drop-C tuning) https://soundcloud.com/kailm-1/ur-avgrunden-han-stiger-v-20
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The Black Winter or the Pegasus would be my choices.
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