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As has been said, as long as the wires have not been damaged (unlikely unless you used a pair of bolt cutters to remove the tape), you shouldn't have any problems.
Put the ribbon back on.
Or don't.

Its really just a protective layer when handling/mounting/etc. the pickups
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Okay, well at least you covered that.

It's there to protect the coil wire. Removing it will just expose the coil wire to potential damage.
What I've seen happen: some folks will bend a note and the wire will catch under the pickup bobbin edge and hit the coil wire. That stuff is really skinny (as you can now see). More important, the insulating coating on the wire is extremely thin. Other folks will catch the strings on the bobbin edge when they use a trem.

With the coil wire unprotected and the insulation damaged, a new problem comes up. If you sweat and you sweat into the coil wire, and since there are always micro-holes in that insulation even if you do NOT ding it with a string or anything else, sweat can now work its way into the micro-hole, which can cause corrosion of the copper wire. What happens is that the copper, in corroding, becomes crystalline, and those crystals are pin-sharp and they poke through the insulation and then through the insulation on the wire next to it, and the whole thing begins to cause micro-shorts that eventually take down the entire pickup. At that point you can buy a new pickup or have the old one re-wound by a tech (who will put the protective ribbon back on the pickup when he's done).

In short, probably a good idea to put the ribbon back (or slap some electrical tape on the pickup) or have someone do it for you.