Hi all,

Looking into creating a pedalboard for all my gear as I seemed to have acquired enough to make it worthwhile to have a system which I do not need to keep plugging in ,ie its pretty much ready just to play as soon as I plug it in! However I don't intend to spend much, for example the board itself is going to be made from on old rucksack.

Anyhow my question regards the power supply. I've been looking at a cheap power supply to power them, as I do not want to spend a fortune as the pedals have cost enough! I understand that you shouldn't power both the pedals going into the front of the amp and the fx loop from the same supply, otherwise you will get noise issues (as has happened when I've tried with daisy chains in the past). But through a specific power supply, with each input "isolated" this should not be a problem. Through research however, many of these power supplies seem to be ,as someone put "regulated" power supplies as opposed to 100% isolated.

Would I have a problem powering both pedals from the fx loop and front of amp from one of these "regulated" ones, or would it still cause noise issues?

If I had the money, I'd most definitely just outright buy the isolated supply, but this is on the cheap! (I'd also much rather a specific box as opposed to daisy chaining)
If not would I just need to buy a power supply for the loop and one for the front of the amp?

Any help would be appreciated and hope this is in the right thread.
The noise you refer to is ground loop hum. There's no 100% way to know if you'll have hum until you try things out.

There are some things that can reduce the possibility of hum though:
- Power ever pedal off its own supply.
- Use an isolated output supply.
- If you do need to share a supply, keep all analog pedals on their own supply, and all digital pedals on a desperate supply.
- If using a DC power cable Y adapter, use one where the ground is lifted in one leg.
if you're ever wondering which ones are isolated and which ones aren't, this is a good list:

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If you buy a "cheap" power supply, you get what you pay for.

The two things you DO NOT want to go cheap on are pedal power supplies and a wireless system.

Isolated and regulated are two very different things.
As far as I know, if a power supply is isolated, its also regulated.(To "regulate" a power output costs like $1 in parts).
Isolating is a bit more expensive, but worth the money IMO.

Maybe cathbard will come in here and speak up. He says he uses some kind of switching power supply he got on ebay for like $5.
But cath is not a mere mortal like the rest of us.
Anyhow my question regards the power supply. I've been looking at a cheap power supply to power them, as I do not want to spend a fortune as the pedals have cost enough!

Like CodeMonk says, you don't want to cheap out on your power supply. ESPECIALLY if you've got nice ones.

A One-Spot is as cheap as I'd go. I also use a Voodoo Labs. Recently, I've been looking at thenones from Walrus, T-Rex and especially TrueTone.
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I've been using $5 2Amp switch mode supplies from ebay from China. Buy two or three at that price, if one blows grab another.
I am running an Atomic Amplifire, a Dirty Robot, a tubescreamer clone and a Mooer Wahter no problems at all.
I used to make my own, all regulated and everything. A $5 switch mode is like a third or a quarter the cost. Switch modes are regulated by their nature. No brainer really. I usually have to reverse the polarity but that's not hard.
So what's your load? If it's under 2A just hit ebay.
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Ground loops is just one of many aspects, I'll list some others:
-Clock noise: most digital pedals will introduce clock noise on the ground, this is why it's a good idea to keep them isolated from other effects
-Improper grounding in the building: My current setup was quite noisy in the living room, now that I moved it to the recently renovated attic, it's dead silent.
-Other equipment: I once had a dimmed light running of the same socket, a huge noise fest ensued.
-Some pedals are just noisy
-Exessive gain can raise the noise-floor a lot

I would reccomend to first check which pedals are happy in a daisy chain together. In my case, my boss hm-2, fz-2 and ehx next-step expression pedal are all powered from the same wallwart, without any issues. Sometimes adding a single digital pedal to the chain won't be a problem either. The best solution would be a dedicated, isolated power supply like a voodoo lab pedal power, but I understand that they're too expensive for you (and I agree). A bunch of isolated wall warts may not be the most elegant solution, but can definitely work.

All in all, don't cheap out on the power supply!
So my story here is that I didn't want to cheap out on the power but I really wanted to make sure I actually needed a $120+ power supply. . . .

So I started with a 1 Spot with the 8-port daisy chain cable. I was running a dedicated PSU for the MXR 10-Band (18V) and running a mix of boosts, noise gate, and a host of TC Electronic pedals, a 2nd chorus, etc.

I had a little bit of noise but it wasn't too bad at all. That noise turned out to be caused by the patch cables.

When I ran out of ports on the daisy chain cable I wanted to just purchase the longer daisy chain cable but the entire bundle was only about $12 more. So I bought the bundle with the second 1 Spot.

Now I have a 1 Spot for in front of the amp and the second for the loop. The MXR 10-Band is still on it's own PSU.

I'm about $40 or less for power with tons of headroom and ports left over. So far so good and I'm running more than 8 pedals on the board.
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