I recently aquired a supersonic fuzz gun clone, when i got it set up it wasnt working at first then i moved around the power wire a bit and then it would work somewhat but it keeps fading in and out when I'm not playing anything and it cuts off chords when I release them almost like a noise gate. I'm assuming it'sthe connecter but I was wondering if anyone had any other guesses as to what this could be.
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Yep, if you move the power cable and it stops working, then likely it is either the cable itself or the power input of the pedal. Try another power supply (of all the same parameters) and see if it fixes the issue, if it was just the cable plug.
can you stick a known good 9v battery in it?
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Well I did some research and the conclusion other people came too was the transistors arnt correct it'/ deffinatly the noise gate thats causing the problem. If anyone could show me how to replace the transistors that would help.
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can you stick a known good 9v battery in it?
It dosn't have a conector for a 9 volt.
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