Hey guys, i have recently decided that it is time to upgrade my 20-watt practice amplifier for something with a little bit more punch. I'm looking for a half-stack with a 4x12 cab and a decent non-tube head as i don't want to deal with tube maintenance. I'm currently looking at an English-made Marshall Valvestate 200 with matching 4x12 cab for $350. Is this a good deal at all? If not, what other similar amplifiers would you guys recommend? The highest i'm willing to go is $400. Remember, 4x12 half stack and solid state only, no tubes!

Edit: My genre is anything from David Gilmour to Heavy Metal and i mostly use a Boss GT-8 processor along with my amp.
Edit edit: My guitars are a 2012 Fender MIA Strat and a 2014 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro if that is of any relevance.

Thanks guys!
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Marshall MOSFET 100 is decent.
Orange CR-120 head. Brand new at $449 but should be able to find used in great condition from $300-$400. Following is a review:

The Valvestate's never did get stellar reviews, and the reliability issues were part of the problem. Personally I've only ran across one that a friend had some years ago, Cant remember which exact model it was but it didn't leave me wanting one, Sounded a bit sterile on the clean channel and its gain channel sounded like a can of pissed off mosquitoes, And yes that thing uses a tube on the preamp side, Not that it helped, Just a sales gimmick I suppose, But that's not to say you wont like it, and its certainly better than what you have now, If looking for an SS amp I'd look elsewhere though, And as your price point lends itself to used gear I'd take a look at some of the older Randall's, Quilter's, Sunn or maybe even some of the older Kustom stuff, Some of those were almost bullet proof and you can find them dirt cheap, which leaves you more wiggle room for a good cab, Which is usually the most important part of the stack when it comes to the SS stuff, The badge on the grill means squat, its what's behind it that counts, Although sometimes there's a small badge on the lower left of the grill that means something, Usually says something like Celestion, Eminence, JBL or something like that, Actually some of the old Kustom's sport a Celestion badge, Some even sport the Celestion Vintage 30 badge, Just not in your price range though,