Wow, what a shit year. Let's have a thread for new bass gear, new music gear and, of course, booze.

Merry Christmas to and from all you non/functioning alcoholics - drink til either you or 2016 dies.

This year Father Christmas brought me:

One of these babies,

To replace my failing M-Audio FastTrack which decided to fill my ears with white noise (and blood) for the last time and met its end with me hurling it at a wall. Neither the FastTrack nor the wall have, or will ever be, repaired.

Onto more important stuff:


Not so sure about the second one but someone has to drink it.

All in all, not a heavily bassy year but I'm sure I can fix that. It's been nearly 3 years since I last bought a new bass and I'm starting to itch.
I got chocolate.

But I might have scored something a bit more special that I might show off in a week or two nothing expensive, but I'm still very excited.
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It's officially from my dogs, but I picked it out and paid for it:

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I used my Amazon gift cards to buy a Korg Pitchblack Pro rack tuner, a TC Electronics Vortex flanger, and a set of strings.
Still waiting for the tuner and pedal to show up, but I'm excited to play around with the flanger.