Hello guys,

I hope you have great Christmas days.
I got some money left and now i want to spend it in my guitar tone. I am a huge John Frusciante fan and I want to get closer to his tone with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I informed myself a bit and and I know the basic things about his mystery. So I got my Mexican Fender Strat and the Yamaha THR10. The WH10V2 tuned by Wilson Effects will arrive soon. Now I have money left for one more pedal. I am a little bit twisted between the Boss DS-2 which is very often used by JF himself and the Multieffect Pedal Zoom G3.
The thing is that I really like the DS-2 sound, for example in Dani Californias Chorus and Solo or the Intro Jam of the La Cigale performence.
But on the other hand I see the far possibilities of a multi effect pedal, which also include some distortions, chorus-effects and stuff.

Now I was wondering if someone has some experience with those two pedals and can help me. Is it for example possible to get a sound with the Zoom G3 which is very simlair to the sound of a DS-2?
What is your general experience with those pedals?
And finally, which one you would buy in my situation?

I hope, I can get some help! Thank you very much and have a nice day
Well those are two completely different pedals. As far as i know the G3 does have decent distortion pedal models. B

The thing is, John's tone doesnt come from the pedal. Thats just the cherry on top. The majority of his tone comes from the amp. You should invest into a better amp, or just play with the settings on the one you have. I hear the Yamaha THR's are pretty good for what they are, so just fiddle with that for a while. Just putting a DS2 in front of it probably wont make it sound any better. If you must take one of those pedals, at least take the G3, because you will have a lot of delay and reverb stuff to play around with, not just a single distortion pedal. It also has amp sims included, so you may find that you can get a nice Frusciante tone with just the pedal, witout the amp at all.
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Between the two choices I'd go with the Zoom. You'll have a lot more option and a good chance to find what you're looking.
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I recently bought a Ds-2, I highly recommend it.
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mauriLi You are really comparing apples and oranges here. The DS-2 is just purely a distortion pedal, meant to distort the signal, do it well, and nothing else. The G3 is a jack-of-all-trades unit, doing a lot of stuff, but not doing everything perfectly. As gorkyporky said, the G3 will probably be a better use for your money as the DS-2 is not everything to the tone. The G3 would be much more worthwhile for you. The drive simulations in the G3 are okay, should be fine for your uses though. Typically SS amps do not take drive pedals well, but I am not sure about the Yamaha THR series- they are pretty good overall for what they are.
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I recently bought a Ds-2, I highly recommend it.
Except for the part where your input bypass is a little goofed, eh?
Will Lane lmao. my thoughts exactly.
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his pedal's fine
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