I've been having this issue with some of my licensed floyd roses. The low E string keeps going out of tune with slight floyd usage, I noticed this is due to the windings of the low E keep getting pulled until they become unwound and the string pops. I don't understand why the string is being stretched so much to the point of pulling the windings and eventually breaking the string on the part where it clamps to the floyd. I dont have this issue with the edge 3 tremolo on my Ibanez, so why does it happen on floyd style tremolos? This doesn't happen on the other strings, in fact, they stay in tune quite well, its the string getting unwound that is causing the problem.

Really appreciate some help here as I tried multiple fixes and stretching the strings and nothing seems to fix this, I keep breaking the string over and over again.
you have a burr in there somewhere.

I would look at the nut and the nut clamp and see if there is a rough spot.
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Is this happening on multiple licensed Floyd guitars or am I misunderstanding the question?

If it is happening where the string locks into the tremolo and on multiple guitars then something is amiss, what string gage are you using and what is your tuning?
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Check the string lock insert block... make sure the lil hole is faced toward the string lock screw... while it's out make sure you have no old string shards down in there... inspect the block for a burr, sharp edge and file the sharp edge away. I know exactly what you're talking about and that worked for me brother... also make sure you are getting the string all the way down in there then clamp it down. I hope this helps man.

**EDIT** I also remember that happening one time when I changed strings on 5 of my guitars and that happen.. it was bad strings.. I bought one of those 25 SETS BOXES , D'Addario ... after re-stringing 5 guitars 3 times and checking a few other things I came to the conclusion it was bad stings ... been using D'addario's for more than 23 yrs and that was the only time that ever happen. I called em and they replced those sets of strings free of charge.
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