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I have a Mesa Dual Rec that I have a Mesa 2x12" cab that I've been running. I just recently picked up a Marshall 1960A, and I've never used multiple cabinets before. The Marshall has a 4 ohm mono and 16ohm stereo input, the latter of which I've been using. The Mesa has 8ohm input. As long as I match the cabinets with the correct output on the head I should be fine? The Mesa has one 16, two 8, and two 4 ohm outputs, so is it safe to use more two non matching outputs together as long as they're matched to the cabinet?

In summary, is it safe to use the 16ohm output on the head to the Marshall's 16ohm input at the same time as the 8ohm output to the Mesa's 8 in?
Download your amp's manual from Mesa's website. They include just about every possible speaker cab possibility.
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