Hi there!

I've done a fret level, re-crown and polish on my Telecaster and boy it turned out fantastic!
That was indeed what the guitar needed! I had some nasty string buzz when playing chords and the frets needed some shine and new life!
The guitar feels so much smoother and easier to play now!
Feels just like butter, to be honest!

I've done a setup on the guitar too and everything is right on the money - pickup height, action and relief AND no buzz!!
Though, I suspect the nut slots being too high on some strings..
I've recorded some measurements, and I would like to share them with you guys, and hear what you think/have to say.

Using different Feeler Gauges, stacked together and sliding them under the string - fret top to bottom of string - I've measured the following:
E - .020"
A - .022"
D - .026"
G - .030"
B - .028"
e - .028-.030"

I think the low E is where it needs to be, but the other strings is obviously not cut correct, as I see it.
Using a digital caliper, set to 2/64 for the E & A, 1,5/64 for the D & G and 1/64 for the B & e, I can actually see the strings being higher than the measuremt of the caliper.
Guess that's also a pretty good indicator, right?

I'm thinking of taking the nut slots down and get them right, but would it be something like:
E - .020"
A - .018"
D - .016"
G - .014"
B - .012"
e - .010

I have a fresh set of Ernie Ball 10s on it.

The test I use is to fret the string between the 2nd and 3rd frets and look at the clearance between the string and the crown of the 1st fret. The gap should be just about invisible, I can tell it is there by tapping the sting and listening for a click when the string hits the fret. Another test is to look at the gap between the open string and the 1st fret, then fret the string at the 1st fret, and look at the gap at the 2nd fret. The two should be the same, but this method depends on having the neck relief and action height correct.