I want to start learning how to recording guitar and messing around on the computer editing and etc. What products would I need and what are some good software choices?

It mostly depends on your budget, as there are several options how you could record your playing. In any case, you'll always need an audio interface and a DAW (digital audio workstation). From then on, you have tree options:
1. Record your guitars dry signal. The chain would look like this: Guitar -> Interface -> your computer. All effects, distortion, eq etc. are then digitally modelled in your DAW.
2. Record via your amps record output (not all amps have this): Guitar -> Amp -> Interface -> Computer. This is actually the method I personally prefer as the sound of my amp is significantly better than the sounds I create with the DAW, even though the signal quality is a bit worse.
3. Record using a microphone. This is actually the most professional, but also most expensive option: Guitar -> Amp -> Microphone -> Interface -> Computer. Not only because you additionally need a microphone next to the obligatory Interface, but also because the speaker (and the amp itself, of course) needs to be of good quality. And of course you need to turn your amp up loud enough, which not all neighbours might appreciate.

If your amplifier doesn't have a record out, then the cheapest alternative is 1. Note that you SHOULD NEVER use your amplifiers speaker output as a record output! If you're planing to buy an interface, the first thing to consider is buying one that is upgrade-compatible. E.g. You might first be recording your amp's output via a 3,5 mm jack cable, but at some point you might want to record your dry gutiar signal via a 6,3 mm jack cable or even via XLR output (that would be for recording via a microphone).
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