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2 22%
7 78%
Voters: 9.
Still trying to extend my pedal collection, but still have quite the budget. After raising a bit of money after Christmas I'm running on enough for another pedal... But just one. I'm wondering if i should buy a delay or a reverb first... my main amp does have a built in reverb but my secondary doesnt... But i do believe that you can tone a delay right down to get some basic reverb tones anyway, Any suggestions??
Delay almost always first.
i'd be inclined to get a delay first too for the reasons they said, but it does depend on which you think you'd use more...
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yeah cool, you've all just backed up my thoughts. What about specific delay pedals, I've been leaning towards the Digitech Obscura or Boss Giga Delay, but I'm open to suggestions?
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