Hello, I want to build a Schecter C6 Deluxe replica next summer and I'm not sure about the finish.
I would like it to be natural SATIN because the guitar it's going to be necktrough (wallnut for neck and basswood for body sides).
About the grain filling:
1. Is it good to add a layer of wood primer and then to sand it so the pores gets filled ?
2. Or should i just add some normal wood filler and the sand it?

After that I want to varnish the guitar with some wallnut look protective varnish. Here I'm not sure: After filling the grain i varnish the guitar one time, then sand it with a smooth sandpaper; and repeat this thing 3-4 times? In the end should I rub it with some smooth steel wool?

Young builder here, please don't get mad at me because I put many questions, this is going to be my first serious build.
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Don't use primer for this. Buy a thixotropic grain filler for guitar or furniture prep. You could also try CA glue and light sanding. If you use grain filler, it'll seal the wood and reject any stain, varnish, or oil. Stain first, apply a CLEAR drying thixotropic filler/sealer, and then sand smooh ready for satin clear coat.

Or stain, don't bother with a dedicated filler, add a couple of coats of oil, and then buff to satin with 0000 steel wool.
Carvin routinely offers satin-finish necks on guitars that are otherwise glossy (and I heartily recommend that you maintain a gloss body rather than satin). They offer an oil finish neck or a satin-finish poly, and essentially tape off the neck to apply either separately from the body. I much recommend the satin-finish poly, which protects the guitar neck MUCH better from moisture, dirt and wear, and otherwise provides all of the benefits of an oil finish neck in terms of fast play. You definitely want a gloss-finish body; satin finish bodies show every fingerprint, always. Far from "sinister." Think oil stains on the front of your t-shirt.