Jigsaw smile,
far from space camp.
Cornfield princess;
Joan of Iowa.

Dirt on her cheeks,
covers her freckles.
She's never left,
and she'll never leave.

Daddy says that
boy working the stables,
make him a man,
give him a son.

She never worried,
she never worried.
Avoid confrontation,
aims to please.

Nursing a child,
far from space camp.
She's never left,
and she'll never leave.
this is good. i like "jigsaw smile", it creates a sense of awkwardness about it. the dirt over the freckles line is a nice relation to the theme of the poem. the play on the name Joan, a saint, makes a good comparison to what she does and a contrast on what she desires to do. beautiful stuff.
Ditto Dregen above. I also like doubling the "never worried" line - makes you think she's saying it as a mantra to keep from worrying-clever device. Serious piece. Nice.
I like the rhythm of this poem

Many of the lines begin with a stress. It kind of gives it a punch every line, and maybe a bit of a plodding rhythm that is inescapable, just like her life.

I like the four line stanzas and the simple commands and descriptions. Reflecting her life again.

And the name Joan is cash