I recently bought my first Boss pedal, the Ds-2. Whenever i plug into the input, the pedal's light will turn on, without me having pressed the pedal. I have tried turning it off and plugging it back in, but it still lights up. BTW i use batteries with my pedals, if that helps. Is this something exclusive to the ds-2, or is it something all boss pedals do? Or is it something wrong with my pedal?
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I highly recommend that you don't use batteries in pedals unless you need to. 9v batteries add up fast in cost. and are less reliable because you may not know when one was going to die

that aside, try a 9v power supply.
I think that may be by design. I "ve had a couple of pedals over the years that did the same thing. as long as you can turn it off with no issue then it's not really a big deal.
All Boss pedals behave this way. There's a digital circuit (a flip flop) in there that controls the pedal on/off and the LED. The flip flop is randomly on or off when you first power up the pedal.
^ Yeah some of mine do it and some don't (and in fact now I think of it, all of them do it sometimes, so it may well just be the random thing 8Len8 said). I don't think (famous last words ) it's anything to worry about.
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