Hi guys!
I recently started black metal oriented youtube channel (currently focusing on guitar covers, later I would like to make content on home recording, etc.) and since it is not easy to emerge I would like to ask you for your opinions and critique.

Subscribe and thumb up will also help me a lot!
Thanks for your time. Enjoy!

Nice work -- love that tune! You pretty much nailed it -- but I have to ask -- was your arm tired after all that tremelo picking? I noticed that you seem to pick with a lot of of forearm motion, and while that can certainly work, it is very tiring to maintain it for a whole song. I used to do that as well -- but when I learned how to isolate it to just wrist and finger/thumb motion -- man, I can tremelo pick just as fast or faster than ever, more accurately, and I don't get tired. Just something to think about. Anyhow, glad so see some good music represented here.

As for helping you get exposure for your cover songs, I don't know man. Nobody seems to respond to anything in this forum. I posted a Bloodbath cover a few days ago and barely anybody looked at it let alone responded to it. And looking down the list, it appears nobody responds to anything here. Here's my latest work; a Bloodbath cover, if you're interested in giving a review (kind of just did this one for fun):


I actually do a lot more with atmospheric black metal (originals) though; here are a few of my best so far if you're interested in checking them out:
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