Hey people,

I've been playing guitar for years now with a really shitty one, I'm talking about a real cheap guitar i was given when I was little like 11 years ago. So I figured it's time for an upgrade, considering even that I'm joining a band now. The guitar I'm talking about isn't really a super uprgade, but I'm a poor dude tbh and it is my budget unfortunatly and you must play with what you're given.

So doing a good ammount of research I figured for my budget the Ibanez GRG121DX was in the top tier of what I can get, to the best of my knowledge. Thing is I have to order it online going blind, and that's why I'm writing here. No local shop has the model so I can try it and get a feel for it check how it sounds etc. This has me very nervous because like I said money is really an issue here and if it comes and it's not what I desire it'll be a bit devastating.

So any people here have the Ibanez GRG121DX, or a friend has it or has played it that can say a couple things about it? Vouch for it or something. I've seen reviews online for it, but it has me still nervous since idk how the videos are being made and most of them are in languages I don't understand even. It feels much better personally that "common" folk around here with nothing to gain talk about the piece than checking sound demos from a sound store that wants to sell it.

I play metal, more specific black metal for the majority of time so that'll be the main use, distortion sounding decent with treble cranked etc. So for those needs anyone can say anything about this model before ordrering it blindly? Or other recommendations you might know that'll suit better for about 200 euros.

Thanks a bunch in advance!
I have an Ibanez GRG7221, I got it as my first entry into the 7 string world as I didn't want to dump a load of money on one if I found 7 strings weren't for me.
It is a very solid guitar for the price in my opinion, good neck, reasonable fretwork, very playable guitar.

The only issue is the electronics, the pickups are definitely something that would need replacing if you were wanting to use it as a serious instrument beyond bedroom playing, but you can always find pickups around cheap and add them later after you have saved up some more.

Have you considered going used? If money is a real issue then going used is something I would whole heartedly recommend, this is coming from someone who much prefers to buy new as well.

When money was tight for me I went straight to the local pawn shop and bought a Squier Strat for 30 quid when I needed a guitar after having to sell my full load of gear thanks to a predicament brought on by my wonderful ex girlfriend.

Go to your local pawn shop, you will probably find an absolute gem for around the same price as that Ibanez GRG is new.
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Thanks for the reply!

As for the guitar I don't think it's the same one, altough it does seem like a close one so yeah

About the used deal, I've looked into it, extensively even. Odly enough as of right now the things I'm seeing in my country / local area regarding second hand are all more expensive than the new one, better guitars etc. Couldn't find a cool deal for my budget there, and sadly pawn shops aren't really a thing here, I don't know why. In my country in Europe I don't see any of that, not to say that they don't exist, they probably do but they're not really a thing and I don't know any!
Thanks for the reply and the advice, it's a really good one