I do wish makers would put two strap buttons on at the factory instead of just one at the bottom of the body. I really don't like using a shoelace.
It now means I have got to drill and fit a second button (nightmare) but worse is I can't decide where to put it.
I've looked at threads and various positions on the heel and think some look like bolt-ons. I don't want to fit one and then find the balance is all wrong and I don't want to have to re-site it. I am wondering where most get fitted on thinline electro acoustics type. Arghhhhhh, I hate this.
When the blue light flashes I am kidding.
What guitar are you talking about?

I know where I want to put it and I might have it sorted on the Lindo but the G4M is going to be a bit tricky.
When the blue light flashes I am kidding.
The strap button is now on the G4M guitar.

I had loads of trouble reaching behind where the button is, this guitar is really really slim and my hands are really really big.
I needed to insert a block of wood and trimming a chunk of wood to the right size fit in there was hard because I couldn't measure but I used some reverse dividers to size it all up. Then I had to get the block of wood in place for gluing. I attached it to a piece of rod which enabled me to manoeuvre it in place. I drilled the hole in the body where the button was to be and marked the block of wood through the hole while holding the wood in place. I then pre-drilled the block and mounted the screw. With the screw removed I fed string through the hole in the guitar and through the drilling in the block of wood. This enabled me to pull the block of wood right up hard against the guitar's body and neck. I pre-glued the block. All I had to do was pull the string out of the way and screw the button on and pull the rod off. The screw held the wood while the glue set.
When the blue light flashes I am kidding.