What's up, Im looking to get a Flying V soon so I've been searching around. I've noticed a lot of the older models(70s or 80s I think) are strung through the body with a very dope looking metal guard in a v shape. I've also noticed that this changed at some point to a strandard bridge and some to a Floyd Rose style. The latter of the 2 is obviously much closer to my budget due to not being "vintage". If I got a new Flying V and had it strung trough the body, what would be a good price range for this kind of work? Im not looking to drop a tone of money after already spending a k on a guitar so Im trying to figured out if this modification is work it just for an older look, being as I've heard there isn't mich of a difference sound wise
I would honestly say not worth it at all. Buying an expensive guitar like a Gibson, and then paying someone to drill holes in it gets fucking expensive. That is if you care about the reputation of the handyman doing the job. I have a Jackson that looks really nice, and plays great, and it is strung through the body. It was around $400 CDN, something like that is going to be your best bet.
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^ Not to mention it'll totally kill the resale value of it.
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