Hey Fellas,

I'm going to start teaching guitar again, but differently this time. I was hoping to get some input from you, as if you were first learning to play guitar and looking for a teacher.

My plan is to lease an office or related space and teach out of there, as to avoid travel, and having people in my home. I have a few questions that I would appreciate some feedback on:

1.) Would you feel comfortable parking downtown and learning guitar in a high rise office?

2.) Would you mind paying a small fee to have free parking available during your lesson time?

3.) Would discounted guitar maintenance and repair help sell you on hiring me as a teacher?

4.) Would you prefer downtown or a place located more away from city center?

I really appreciate any feedback I can get from the community on this one. And for anyone who is wondering; the city is Calgary AB. Thanks in advance guys
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I don't know Calgary but I wouldn't go anywhere near downtown LA. Two hours of traffic each way and $1/minute to park there. Rent time in a rehearsal studio or music store where other musicians are coming and going all the time. If you are good, word will spread quickly. If you suck, work will spread quickly.
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I live in a small city and the rents and parking are sky high..so in my case DT is out of the question..I agree with Cajun..word of mouth is your best advertising..Prime example for me .. ted greene..worked out of a very small guitar shop in a LA suburb..had a waiting list of a couple of months..this was before he published "chord chemistry"
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1. No, I prefer that to letting strangers in my home.

2. Yes

3. No

4. I don't know anything about the city you're planning to teach in, so I agree with Cajun.
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