I bought a used Duesenberg Starplayer TV on Reverb and it did not come with a hardshell case. I started looking for one and it's reasonably expensive/complicated, so I started considering a Mono case. Does anyone currently use a Mono case with a Starplayer TV? Which one should I buy? I think it's a bit too small for the Semi-hollow body version of the Vertigo, as it's nearly the same size as my Les Paul-style Line 6 Variax JTV-59, however obviously I want to be safe. I've read some posts by people who have claimed that the normal electric guitar version of the Vertigo fits their STV, but I don't want the fit so snug that the tremolo is compressed or cramped.
Find a shop/internet dealer that stocks it and ask them of the dimensions of the case? Or Mono's customer support is pretty good and ask them

Personally only use a vertigo for my strat/tele/seven string, so don't have any direct experience. But the mono products are great! Hope you get the answer you're looking for
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To anyone monitoring this thread - I got the Mono Vertigo for Electric Guitar (not the Semi-hollow body) and it fits great. It's a little snug and awkward with the tremolo because of the way the case is top-loaded, but overall it's a solid fit.