I'm needing something for silent practice and demo recording after the kids have gone to bed and I'll have approx £250/$300 to spend.
I've already considering line 6 HD pro/500x or firehawk, laney IRT srudio and Eleven rack but wondering what other less obvious options may be out there that I've either forgotten or not considered? A headphone output is obviously a big plus.
I'm happy to buy used.
I'm wanting a great metal rhythm tone above all else.
Your suggestions and recommendations please?
tough to beat a POD for what you want. I have an older model and it does me just fine for recording. has headphone jack but I can't say I use it much for that. examples of tones I get can be found in link in my profile
Amp sims on the computer are a great option for this.

I use Peavey ReValver for the amps, effects, and cabs. The pricing varies depending if you buy one of the packs or a la carte. There is a ton of software nowadays from free to reasonable to expensive.

You may want a decent/good interface as well. I use an instrument to USB RockSmith cable and it works fine for practice but I don't record. There are a bunch of proper interfaces in the $100 - $120 range that should work really well.

I'm assuming you already have a good set of monitoring headphones? If not, you'll want to pick some up as well. I use the Audio Technica ATH-M50X but there are a bunch of brands and price ranges.
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Hey there. I believe that the orange 20 rt combo has a headphone output, and its good as a 'bedroom' amp as you can get, this is based on other people opinions and reviews, as I do not own one myself. It also retails around £160, not sure how many dollars that would be.
Otherwise, you could try one of those new modelling amps, as marshall code, boss katana, line 6 spider 6, vox valvetronix, you can go to youtube and search on the andertons.co for a video where they put all of this amps against one another and take some conclusions by yourself, they even go as far as using afordable guitars for a better experience.
I am not able to post you here the link as I am on my phone right now, but its pretty easy to find.
I am not sure if this was helpeful in any way, good luck though.
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