I have browsed the site over the years from time to time, but never joined until now. I've never played guitar prior to June of this year - I got injured pretty badly and was confined to a couch for most of two months, so I picked up a guitar and began teaching myself through Youtube and other methods. Long story short, I'm doing alright for a very beginner, but I'm encountering the same issues I am sure every player known to man has encountered, and figured some of you guys would have some helpful feedback on how I can improve.

I suck with barre chords UNLESS my guitar is in a different....stance?

I don't play standing up much at all - the injury was a back injury and I do my best just to get up in the morning and put my boots on, so when I play, it is usually sitting down. Needless to say, I don't aspire to really perform with a guitar - I do love creating things though and music is something I've always been into/worked with. Not to mention my stress levels are so much better with this as an outlet...kind of amazing, really.

So, back to the stance thing.....whether it be electric or acoustic, I don't keep the guitar on my lap in the traditional "sitting on right leg" stance (when using barres), I actually swing it a little to the left almost like a spanish guitar type style. (Sitting in the middle of my legs/mostly on the left).

I guess it's from playing in a computer chair as well, but I seem to get much more leverage on barre chords and they are much more comfortable to play if I have the added arm torque and I keep my index finger slightly curved so the bony part is fretting the strings. Also, I am NOT making an excuse because I know it can be done, but I have fairly small hands/short fingers so barres are a b----. Still, I am working with what I got but was wondering if there was anyone else with particularly short fingers that have managed to fluidly switch between barre chords and make them sound good without breaking your bones/guitar neck.

Open to all suggestions and hope the post wasn't too long....
Here is a link to some of the stuff I've done/written so far. I am rather fond of open chords because I can cheat and make it sound alright...haha.

Look forward to the replies, cheers!

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