Third-Party Kick Drum and Hi-Hat Pedals for Medeli DD315 / Pyle Pro PTED01


I am a guitar player turned drummer and currently I'm having fun with my Medeli DD315 e-drum kit.

However I am not a fan of the pressure-sensitive pedals as it gives me accidental double-triggers no matter what technique I use since I am used to the feel of a real kick pedal.

Question is, will the other brands' kick pads work with the Medeli DD315? Like the Roland KD-9 and the Yamaha KP-65? Or are there any issues bound with cross-use of equipment between brands? I don't want to modify my existing pedals yet since I may lose the warranty.

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Thanks and have a good day!
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ermonski I don't want to be Captain Obvious, but I think it's better to address this question to Medeli on their contact page

I just did, but I posted this topic just in case anyone here have tried what I've been planning to do. Thanks!