Well, it has been a long year, but I have finally posted yet another track here. This composition took roughly a week to write but over the course of about 6 months (mostly not working on it due to the studies), starting in March and finishing it in September. Then it was just a waiting game --- waiting for exams to finish that is. Now that I have no more exams, I am free to write and record as I please. This is possibly my most epic track I have written in a long time, and definitely the longest I have posted. It is also the first time I have written for trumpet and played it myself. I used to play trumpet in school and something stirred in me earlier this year to fish it out of my cupboard and play it again. In addition, I included (real) shakers to add some authenticity in this programmed percussion madness that plagues the sea of modern metal of today (I couldn't escape Superior Drummer though, it is far too convenient until I have a real drummer to boss around).

Furthermore, I had a good friend play the flute for it today, completing the final piece in the puzzle. She agreed to having it posted so all is good. I hope you all enjoy it and I am happy to receive and give constructive criticism (C4C). If I were to describe the piece --- well it would be hard, but there are elements of progressive metal, power metal, thrash metal, and black metal. The piece is quite dense, right out of the gates, we have counterpoint, and it only gets more dense until the final climax, after which, it winds down. I would highly recommend this for fans of Teramaze, Ne Obliviscaris, Anubis Gate, and Symphony X. Or at least those are the bands that inspired me to write this (and a few other pieces I might add).

Perhaps you didn't care for that spiel, and in whatever case, thanks for looking, the link is below.

Thanks for listening to my track Hayden, good tips you had for me thanks.
Wow this song has a lot going for it but it's easy to listen to. It's always a unique thing to have wind instruments with a distorted electric guitar. Just to get this out of the way I think you playing the trumpet sounded really good and your friend plays a good flute too. I feel like this is a hard one to critique because all the parts flow in to one another really well. 2:18 when the lead guitar comes in to connect the next part the timing sounds off because of the delay you have on it or something. Same thing with the clean guitar at :20 :23. Of course if you're listening to those parts as a musician it's not so bad but I try to turn on a different set of ears sometimes as a plain old listener and if I am jolted from it I feel like there might be something wrong. I usually can tell when something is just playful syncopation or is just kind of off, although I might just be wrong, so take it with a grain of salt if so.

The flute playing is haunting at 2:00 and on it's so cool all the instruments are heard very clearly. Great headbanging part at 3:00 to 3:30. The best part of the song imo is 4:13 to 5:07 all the instruments are working so well with each other, and 4:51 to 4:59 that right there is the special moment and you know it lol great job guys.
Hey Hayden. Good to hear you're working on some music again.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my track and share your thoughts. (I see you knew the name of the Dream Theater/Rush chord used )

Had a listen to your track 'On Fissured Precipice' - very cool track. As you said, there are a lot of elements in it and you weren't kidding. With the flute playing I was getting some Indian and Jethro Tull vibes and then with the trumpet I heard some mexican and old chicago jazz vibes. The guitars sounded good as well, nice playing - a good mix of clean and distorted parts. There's lots of cool little moments in this piece and you're right it's very prog'y. Sounded like one of those pieces that took some work to put together but at the same time was fun to make.

Great stuff, keep doing your thing!
Thanks for checking out my backing track. Good composition here. The mix could be improved. how much panning did you use? some of the parts seem to just bleed together I'd like to hear more separation between the guitar and the other instruments.The riff at 3:20 is really cool.
Very nice work -- I've never heard anything quite like that. I can identify with your frustration/exasperation at taking so long to get a song finished -- writing the songs is not the hard part -- it's getting a finished product that resembles your original vision amidst the responsibilities of life that's the challenging part!

As for a critique, I don't have anything much to really say. It is your vision and you tied the many elements together nicely. As I listened to the song I escaped to a different place -- which is something only great music can do. Keep up the great work!

Here is one of my latest that you may not have heard yet. I've been working on another song recently that clears the 11 minute mark that I'm super excited to share, but my amp blew up before I could finish all of the tracking. Getting a new one next week so I can finish the song. Anyhow, here's my latest finished work in which I took a stab at blending a little Swedish death metal with my typical black metal writing:

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No worries, always happy to help out when I can, and I enjoy your stuff anyway, so it's always a pleasure. The delay on the lead is mostly for sustain, I can probably reduce it a bit, but I like it on the clean guitar. I'll make sure she sees that, I made sure I weaseled the absolute best out of her when she came over to record it. It's only her second time and she's doing pretty well.

Steve Hart

Thanks, it feels great to be back in this community. I've studied a lot of theory, and I also seem to recall somebody saying that that particular chord was owned by Dream Theater or something. You're very good at picking up on the influences, I don't listen to a lot of Jethro Tull but some of the bands I listen to are inspired by them, such as Ayreon. My trumpet teacher brought me up on a very broad palette of music, but there was definitely a lot of Chick Corea/Return to Forever and Miles Davis in there, and they definitely stuck with me.


No worries, you make a good point, and I've recently been looking at Neutron by Izotope which is like a mix assistant tool. Perhaps it will be a good investment. Panning was done fairly sparingly. There is hard L/R on the rhythm guitars, lead guitars, and left and right channels for two trumpet tracks. The flute and centre trumpet have the fade-ins oscillate between hard left and hard right in the middle section.


Thank you very much, I've been on a writing/recording spree lately and it's been very enjoyable and fruitful. The next couple should be out much quicker. I agree that is difficult, but I also have a bad habit of writing difficult parts that I can't play. Coupled with the fact that I'm a shit guitarist doesn't help.

Thank you so much, this piece was a massive experiment, I almost implemented "through-composed music" in this one. I used elements of the previous section to build upon the next, right until the last bit which then recapitulates the main theme again. The Wikipedia article below gives a reasonable definition. I'm still toying with these types of structural ideas and I'm getting pretty good results. I highly recommend it and I've given you feedback now.

Hey, thanks for reviewing my recording.

This is pretty interesting! The melodies are cool and I like the layering going on.

The recording is OK overall, but I think the mix could be better, mainly the leveling of the tracks.
Regarding the tones, I think the delay on the clean guitar could be lower, as it is it feels a bit too much in my opinion, and some of the distorted parts could would possibly benefit from less overdrive, as the notes are sometimes lost in the "muddiness".
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I like it, im not a "pro" to be able to make a full review, still a beginner, but it sounds pretty good, it's something that i can actually hear. But like TLGuitar said, a little less overdrive on some parts.

Btw thanks for checking out my song
I just got back from a vacation today, thank you for the review. Now your song: hearing real trumpet & flute is unusual in this day of age, so that is a positive. It is a bit odd to hear trumpet in a song with metal elements, but I think it works for the most part. I also heard Mexican elements with the trumpet, ala Tijuana Brass. Heart is one of my favorite bands & they occasionally used flute, as do a few other rock bands. Briefly, in at least one spot, I think you used a bit too much delay on the guitar, but otherwise I like the effect. Overall, I think it is a good song.
Hey man, thanks for your crit, sorry it took so long to get back, straight off the bat production quality is really good, flute really compliments the guitar I can't say the same for the trumpet (brass?) but that's just preference, you throw in some nice harmonies to spice up the riff, it works. When the distortion comes in it feels like a song from a Tarintino film, the whole lating feel of the song culminates there I think. Overall great track, it changes as soon as any part begins to look repetitive. Can't wait to hear more work from you, good job!

>Actually listening to it again the brass does work

Thanks for your thoughts, I've just bought some new mixing and mastering software as of a couple of days ago so I'll be testing that out on a new mix of this piece.

aaron aardvark

No worries, hope you had a good break. I just wrote and recorded a lot during mine. I would actually say the brass is more inspired by Allen Vizzutti, his most amazing piece, "Fire Dance" was (and still is) a major inspiration to me. Although I am not even one tenth the trumpeter he is, nor was I even when I was playing regularly in high school.


No worries, I probably need to practice a bit more on the trumpet. I reckon if I had a solid few weeks to practice for a few hours every day then I could really make the performance shine (along with a few others I'm working on). I guess I'll have to find a way though.

First off, thanks so much for providing your feedback on my track Gaps in knowledge. You raise some excellent points. I have noticed that I do tend to sabotage my musical ideas by not developing them further for the reason that you mentioned (fear of boring the listener). Invariably, I am left with short tracks that have not been allowed to flourish. As I have become more aware of this shortcoming, hopefully it will be less of an issue in the future.


On Fissured Precipice explores different ends of the genre continuum masterfully. The blend of the echoy guitar, trumpet, and flute is a bit uncommon, but this creates a unique feel. There were a few specific observations I made while listening to this track. The sidestick hits at 0:45 are a little piercing. The interaction between the horn and drums is really tight around 2:30. The transition at 3:45 is tasteful. I wish this section was expanded just a bit more before the synth sounds were introduced at 4:14. The leads at 4:53 mesh perfectly with the horn immediately preceding it. There is some nice clarity between instruments here.
Quote by HaydenHohns

Hey mate, this is a pretty good track, I've heard the synth and orchestra thing before and you did it quite tastefully. This reminds me a lot of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack. I could definitely see this being used in a video game or Sci-Fi movie. Do you mind if I ask, what is the VST you use for the percussion when the buildup starts? It sounds very nice, it reminds me of some of the stuff Native Instruments offer. My only complaint about the piece is that the piece is probably a little too safe, tonally it doesn't diverge from the scale you're in, everything is diatonic. It would be nice to hear a little chromaticism or modulation here and there to spice things up. Looking forward to you getting back to your heavy stuff, I listened to Flight and enjoyed that much more (although still on the safe side).



Hey dude, thanks for the feedback! The percussion used in this track was a mixture of Soundiron's Apocalypse Elements and Heavyocity's MS Ensemble drums! I actually have a lot of guitar material finished (heavy and not-so-heavy) but I'm currently trying to publish all of my "soundtrack" projects...only a few to go....

Your piece sure is interesting, the flute and the trumpet make it stand out from the rest. That being said, the trumpet doesn't sit well on the mix so I'd advise you work on that. Also, the guitars had a bit too much gain at some parts, making the mix sound fizzy. Had almost a latino feel at some points....nice work!
Guitar tone in the intro sounds a lot like Eric Johnson then it starts morphing into some sort of Zappa meets Endless Sporadic sort of thing. Some moments in particular give a Gentle Giant vibe to it without the weird stuff.
It has moments where it sort of feels a bit unnatural switching between parts but solid ideas really make up most of the songs.