HELP ive kinda lost my way with the guitar i have 4 very nice guitars 2 electric and 2 acoustic but just carnt seem to get going on them i think ive picked them up twice in the last 6 months i really wont to start playing again im no expert but know a little a few chords etc anyone out there help me please cheers
Well what about the guitar excites you? What do you listen to and think "Wow, I want to be able to do that!"? I think finding something that really excites and fascinates you is the best way to get back in to playing.
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Man up and have fun!! Change your thought process from "practice" to "adventure" ....learning is an adventure and the messups and work are what makes the end worthwhile and fun. I've never looked back on my 10 years of playing and said "that wasn't worth it" or "that was too hard"...it was just part of the fun. I once thought I was really good, now I look back with different opinion because you just keep getting better sometimes without realizing. Also find a friend who can play & sing and play along simple songs with them. Vocals do make it a lot more "real"
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While it is always a good idea in structured practice sessions to do certain exercises like arpeggios and picking pattern variations, you don't need to do ALL of them EVERY session or in the same order every time. Pick and choose. Throw yourself curveballs by randomizing them: put your exercises on a sheet and roll dice; put them on flash cards and draw them out of a bag.

But then go about trying new stuff. ANYTHING new will be a challenge to your mind and skills, even if only briefly.

Try new musical genres. I don't particularly dig country, but I did learn a couple of tunes by Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash...and grew to like playing them.

Try new tunings. I currently play in Standard and NST, but I'm considering DADGAD, and will probably try Open G if I try to learn slide. This also works if you try to relearn songs you already know in those other tunings.

Try learning a song back to front...or even turn your sheet music upside down. Pianist/comedian extraordinaire Victor Borge used to do the upside down thing in his act. He'd play for a while, then- "realizing his error"- would apologize, flip the music to the correct orientation, and start playing correctly.

Try playing songs in different time signatures. By that, I mean try playing a song you know in an unfamiliar beat. I know a jazz pianist who can play the song "Take Five" in its original 5/4, but also in 3/4, 4/4, 6/4 and 7/4. Each variant completely changes the feel of the tune.

Try mimicking song parts written for other instruments or even for singers. One of Prince's touring guitarists was struggling with learning to play a piece in a way that made his boss happy. Prince told him to learn to play the part as if it were being sung by Billie Holiday.

Take a break. Advice usually given to writers, painters, and other creative types, this works for guitarists, too. Sometimes, you just need to recharge your batteries. When you come back to the process, you may find you have a different perspective, a fresh view, and you'll make progress again. So, go for a walk, see a movie, read a book, go camping. Just forget the guitar for a bit, and come back to it.
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watch some crazy youtube guitar videos. theres like 5 billion of em
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