I have narrowed my search down to one of these $99 amps for home use. Anyone have any experience with these?

Sorry, but I have yet to see a Promethean in a music store. It sure sounded like a good idea, though.
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Ok, I have one of the Ampegs as a practice amp. Its a solid little amp that is great for that purpose and I'm happy with it. But as Kevin has said, I have yet to see or played through the Promethean myself, so I can't comment on that amp
FWIW here is what I purchased:

Ampeg BA110 40 watt - this will be my largest bass amp since that's all the wattage I need. Really like it so far.
Ibanez IBZ10 10 watt - bought the cheapest and smallest one I could find to haul back and forth to lessons. A little piece of crap and I sent it back.
Ibanez Promethean P20 20 watt - on order now to replace the 10 watt for lessons.
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