I recently started playing again after 20 years of break. I own ESP custom ordered strat with Jackson style angled headstock neck which I intend to keep since I worked so hard for it when I was in high school. The thing hate about it is the tuning stability due to the headstock angle. It goes out of tune after bending. Using equipped non-locking tremolo is out of the question. Tightening/Loosening the pegs also won't make change until I hear a "ping" then all of a sudden the pitch jumps.

Big bends nut sauce helped a bit, but not enough.

It there long post locking tuners to mitigate the head angle? or any other solution?

Thanks in advance!

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i'm not sure locking tuners will necessarily help- the angled headstock and the nut will still be in play unfortunately. they may help a bit if your restringing technique is poor, though (that's not a dig, my restringing technique is awful ), and they'll make restringing faster (especially if your technique, like mine, sucks ).
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