I recently went to Guitar Center and picked up a Vox wah. However, when I get home, it doesn't seem to work. I plug everything in correctly, turn it on, but I only hear a clean guitar sound. There is no distortion going on. I opened it up, nothing seems out of place or wrong. Also, not sure if this is relevant, but I realized that I can still play through it even when there is no battery inside and not plugged in -- Capacitors? Either way, help would be appreciated.
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true bypass will allow you to play thru it with no battery but the effect won't work. needs a battery to work so is that th issue?
monwobobbo I plug it into the wall and have used the battery. Both at the same time actually. It's killing me 'cause I REALLY want to play with it!

EDIT: Never-mind it works all of a sudden! Praise-Kek!
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Ha... I just did a quick signup because I saw your problem. When I bought mine, the same happened to me. So I looked closely all over and one of the wires on the pot was disconnect and barely touching. The problem is some of those are wired with a short wire and such tension to the pot that when you step on the pedal it tugs the wire... eventually coming loose. Easy fix with a soldering iron, if that is what your issue is. If it is indeed a loose wire, you may be getting lucky with it touching at the moment. If not ignore this.

-Cheers, good luck[
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