Hey guys,
I tried making a backing track that is somewhat inspired by Andy Timmons. It also has somewhat of a David Gilmour feel. Let me know what you think, thanks. C4C.
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I don't listen to either of those guitarists, but this is a very nice backing track. It almost uses one of my favourite chord progressions, the VI-IV-V chord progression, which is commonly heard in power metal. My only suggestion is that it's probably too static with the dynamics, you could add some percussion halfway through and build it up until a final climax, include some modulations and some drum fills. That will kept the soloists on their toes! The sound/mix is very nice but if you take on my suggestions it may become more complex, but I think an old-school Pink Floyd/King Crimson (see debut album by King Crimson if you aren't familiar) kit sound would be nice, or maybe a more modern Jazz/Fusion sound would be better.

Would appreciate if you could take a look at my piece, link is below. It's not as ambient as this piece, but it does have some very nice melodic moments.

Hey thanks for another backing track Xevious I had fun with it. It's kind of plain but it's a really fun one, Because it leaves the lead player more responsible for setting up where it goes and how it ends so it's kind of challenging in that regard. beautiful progression though gj. I know this might come across a little self indulgent of me to leave this here but it's a backing track this is why you make them lol... for people to indulge in their playing and exercise their improvisation muscle. This is me just playing over it for about 2 min nothing serious, thought you might be interested in hearing it put to use by another player.
I definetely get the Gilmore influence, great job. I enjoyed playing over it, it's clear and doesn't have too much going on allowing the lead player to really explore it. Guitar tone is nice too. Overall great work, from a backing track I can't ask too much more from it.

If you wanna check out a piece I wrote: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1715522