What inexpensive electric guitars might offer wider necks for fat fingers?
I have a classical that measures 2" at the nut which seems about right as far as string spacing.
The PRS I have measures 1 11/16 which is too closely spaced for to keep fingers from unwanted touching of strings during finger picking.
Any advise? Thanks!

Most necks that are wider at the nut narrow down to a very standard width at the bridge (most of which are very standard).
I have a couple of guitars that have 1 3/4" nut widths (Floyd Rose nuts can be had at that width), but if it's finger picking you're dealing with, you may be SOL.

Jim Soloway made guitars with a 1 13/16ths" nut width that actually maintained that extra 1/8th" all the way down to a custom bridge. You might talk to Doug Kaurer, who's taken over building Jim's guitars, about putting one together for you with that width neck.

But as far as I know, there are no "inexpensive" electric guitars that don't use very standard parts.
As has been posted you can get a Warmoth wide neck for any stratocaster or telecaster, still the neck is not going to be all that cheap though. Other options as noted are either an Agile LP copy from Rondo Guitar, or they will build you a custom guitar with several different base styles, most of which can be ordered with a wide neck and stainless steel frets, which is a nice touch I like. Also however not cheap. Probably run you over 1 grand. Lastly there is a company called Big Lou that makes some guitars with wide necks (1 7/8") that are fairly cheap, they also sell the necks separately if you want to go the partscaster route. They don't have a huge selection and they certainly are not stellar guitars but they don't look too bad either.
While I agree with the above posters, as I recall, Jericho guitars are designed for the larger handed guitarist.


I say that because they USED to spell that out in the specs & other portions of the website, but the website has been redesigned.*

* assuming I have the right company, of course.
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