I just got a digital piano and have started playing and am wondering if there is any sort of equivalent to Ultimate Guitar for piano sheet music? Obviously there is some you can buy, but are there any free resources of user-submitted sheet music like UG? In particular I am looking for some slightly more modern stuff. It seems you can find a lot of classical sheet music for free from a simple google search, but for instance I was trying to find sheet music for "Pennies From Heaven" and not finding anything other than paying $5-10 for one piece of music.

P.S. I know some of the GuitarPro/TabPro stuff will include the piano parts as well, but a lot of times it won't have the piano at all or it will have the bass and treble clef separated into separate tracks entirely instead of together the way sheet music normally is.
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Sorry for late reply, but something you may find helpful with Guitar Pro tabs is to use the multitrack view. Then you can have two piano tracks displayed together, one underneath the other, works quite well I think.
I have a couple of more 'modern' piano pieces among my tabs which you may like to check out.

This is all in one track with two voices, which may not technically be the right way to do it, but I liked it like that.

Two tracks, actually both treble clef (I do the bass as if it's on a 7 string guitar), because I don't trust the bass clef