I can see it has been done to death.
I don't fancy using olive oil even the extra virgin stuff.
I have narrowed it down to either D'Addario Planet Waves XLR8 or Kyser Dr Stringfellow String Cleaner and Lubricant.
Both are about the same cost but one is a bit cheaper (Kyser) .
I want something that will store as I don't play often enough to use up a bottle quickly.
I have never used these in the past but the shop put something on the strings of a tele I was buying cos I said it seemed a bit "sticky" and it seemed to help so now I want to give the stuff a good go especially on my squeaky wire wound acoustic strings.
When the blue light flashes I am kidding.
I've never used oil but a bass player I know uses 3-in-1 oil on his strings and he is happy with the result.