There are two used Mesas in my area. I've found an F30 for $500 and a single rectifier Rectoverb for $800. Would I be happy with the F30 or would the extra $300 be well-spent going with the recto?

F30 reviews are kind of lacking on YouTube and most of the recto reviews are for dual rectifiers.

Any other suggestions for amps would be much appreciated. I want a robust amp that takes pedals well and has some reverb. I've also looked at a Marshall DSL40C (didn't care for the lack of reverb) and the Blackstar HT Club 40. Uses for the amp will be for practice / small gigs so the ability to lower the power output is a plus, but not necessary. Trying to keep it under $1K but there's some wiggle room.

The F30 and Rectoverb are differently voiced amps. I have never owned an F30, but I would take a Rectoverb any day. $800 isn't bad especially if you can get the price down a bit. It depends on what sound you are after TBH.
You mentioned Mesa and Marshall, different voices. I would throw Blackstar off of that list.
Looking new or used? Combo or head? what music are you playing? Location?
You might get a lot of more suggestions and info.
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what music do you play ??.... I'm a recto guy anyway so my vote will go towards the rectoverb , if I remember right F30's are a clean sounding amp , never had one so can't comment on them but theres a few F's around here for sale on the CL
What kind of music are you trying to play? The F series has great cleans and are supposed to get pretty dirty. The Retoverb is obviously part of the Recitifier series.

Are you going for heavier (Retcoverb) or lighter/clean/bluesy (F series) or somewhere in the middle (then either one should be fine).

I don't have experience with the normal Rectifier cleans though - I have a Roadster which borrows Modes from the LoneStar and Mark I.
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I believe the F series is the descendent of Dual Caliber amp, which I own. If it's anything like it's grandaddy, it's got stellar tone all around, and the clean channel gets nice and sparkly, thought it's a bit mellower than a Fender.