do I have to buy a brand-guitar not a cheap one considering that I’m just a beginner and I’m going to learn first and then buy a good guitar (a brand-guitar)
Brand guitars can be had for very cheap. Fenders, Yamahas and Washburns, all of which are respectable brands, make affordable guitars.

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Thee are some very good off-brand guitars, and some very ordinary on-brand ones. - By far the worst guitar I have even owned was a Martin J-40, and I've played some horrid Gibson acosutics; a lot of the acoustic guitars made by names known for their electrics are pretty ordinary. In inexpensive I would tend to go for makes that have a reputation in their field, like Recording king, LaSiDo (Seagull etc.), Tanglewood and Yamaha, but these days there are so many good inexpensive guitars that you are really should be trusting your senses rather than the name on the headstock.
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If you can't find an affordable brand guitar, don't feel troubled at all about buying a regular one. It should just sound decent and be in good condition, and if you intend to buy a better one later then that works even better - you'll know more about which guitar is for you by then anyway. But don't worry about whether or not your guitar is from a famous company, just because it says So-and-So on the headstock doesn't mean it's automatically ten times better.

Just don't get any of the drastically cheap ones that are marketed as 'starter' guitars. From what I hear, they are so lazily made they're barely playable, go out of tune all the time and put new guitars player off the instrument completely.

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. Fenders, Yamahas and Washburns, all of which are respectable brands, make affordable guitars.

Washburn <3
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When in doubt, go to your local music store and ask if they have any used ones. Buying second-hand instruments can be a great way to get a good guitar for little money – just make sure you test it extensively before buying it.

Of course you can expect a better quality control from an established brand than a no-name guitar, but that doesn't mean that all cheap guitars are junk. Important is that you like the instrument. If you're set on buying a brand one, you can always try asking around at your local music school or practice space – perhaps someone is buying a better guitar, and wants to sell their guitar for a low price.
regardless of brands- make sure the action is low so you wont get demotivated to play later. I learned on a shitty walmart guitar but the action was low so it was bearable.
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I always assume that the action will need adjusting to my preferences, regardless of the cost of the guitar, so a set up should be included in the budget if you aren't DIY. This adds to the cost, but if I really liked a guitar I wouldn't let poor action discourage me, unless neck angle was also bad. Of course, if you can find one that you like and it is also well set up, so much the better.