Hey guys,

Got an old beat-up acoustic and I'm gonna pull the frets off. Aside from YouTube and google I don't know what I'm doing thought maybe I could get some helpful advice before I pick up my hammer and chisel.
First off, you need some fret pliers to avoid major damage to the fretboard:


I made my own.

You will also need to think about how you are going to harden and level the fretboard and fill the slots. Epoxy would likely do the job.
Tony Done

Thanks , I didn't even know there was a specific tool for pulling frets. As far as the fretboard goes I think wood glue for filling the grooves and maybe a product called hard as nails (or superglue) for the surface.
You can also fill the slots with something like veneer or guitar edge binding, and use a contrasting colour. Don't forget that if you want a resaonably low action, you are going to have to do a good job of levelling the fretboard.

I wouldn't be too optimistic about the tone of a fretless acoustic, they don't have the volume and resonance of plucked string fretless instruments, and things like violin are driven hard by the bow.
Keeping the fretboard radius is no problem, but you will have to make sure that there are no irregularities along the length of the board. The frets are levelled to take care of these minor irregularities, but without the frets, the board itself needs to be levelled, and things like nail divots filled it.
Tony Done
You have been a huge help I would have absolutely butchered this project and wasted alot of my time without you're input. Many thanks