I got a used Dimebag Darell Crybaby from Hell in "mint condition" today, put in a new battery, plugged it into the amp but it barely makes any noticeable wah sound on any of the adjustable frequencies. I'm pretty new to wahs (I know to plug the guitar into the input on the pedal and the input on the amp to the output on the pedal) and I'm not using any other pedals. I've included a picture (the PDF) of the inside for anyone that may be able to find any discrepancies. Any advice on what may help would be much appreciated.

It's also from 2011 if warranty is still in place or anything

Wah pedal.pdf
are you using a ton of distortion or do you have your tone really scooped on the amp?
hmmm.... ok have you tried a power supply instead of a battery? make sure the cords are in the jacks all the way. if non of that works then I'd return the pedal.
If the pedal acts kind of like a volume pedal it's probably indicative of a bad cap [one of the ones connected to the inductor].
If you get no wahing, or perhaps only some treble change then it's probably the inductor. This can also sometimes sound like the way is stuck in a notched position. These can go bad from the pedal being dropped, and this is most likely your problem here.
If the gears are worn where they connect to the pot, they might not rotate the pot as you move your foot - so check that too.

All these can be fixed; although given the parts are surface mount it's not an easy job.

If you're handy with a multimeter you can test the inductor by measuring the ohms around it. I'm pretty sure Dunlop recommends measuring the 33K resistor thats parallel to the inductor.
As a rule of thumb, if it's around 100ohms or more than it's gone bad. If it's under 75ohms its good. Generally a wah inductor will be around 75ohm, but the reading will be less given the circuit. It should be above 0 though.

Given it was sold to you in the pretext of it being 'mint condition' I would probably try to return it.
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