Hello, all I'm new to recording guitar and am planning on dropping the cash on an interface to use with Garageband & the iOS AmpKit+ application that was promoted on Ultimate Guitar a few months ago. When I first got back into playing electric I figured that I just needed an amp and some pedals and could use that rig for whatever I could desire. I discovered that for the financially challenged a cheap interface and programs like Garageband open doors to a lot more creative avenues for beginner musicians. So basically why drop the cash on a couple thousand dollar rig with fancy mics and expensive accessories when I connect straight to my laptop and accomplish the same goal. Especially since I'm new to this stuff and am still learning.

So essentially, I got a $50 gift card for Guitar Center for Christmas and am considering the iRig 2HD. Mainly for the iOS friendly functionality and portability of the unit. Although from what I've seen the Scarlett 2i2 seems to be a pretty popular option. I skimmed the intro thread but wanted to know if anyone's had experience with the iRig and Amplitube vs. AmpKit+

I know there's better programs than Garageband but I just wanna get my feet wet with this stuff before I decide to jump further down the rabbit hole...
I think the iRig unit would be fine where you are at. I would suggest a more featured interface like the Mackie Onyx Blackjack or the Scarlett 2i2 but that is up to you, they are a bit more expensive. Read the Introduction to Recording sticky in this subforum if you have not already.
I'd go with iRig and Amplitube or you can look at some of the competition. If you get a bona fide interface like say PreSonus, Focusrite, etc. many of them come with light version of better software than Garageband and you can upgrade later. Some of the Behringer interfaces, for example are maybe $20 more than iRig. You can still use modelers through them and there's tons of modeling freeware (LePou, NadIR, Nick Crow Labs, etc.) that might not even need to purchase software amp simulation plugins.
I agree with diabolical. It does depend a little on what tones you generally want; but certainly for high gain tones the freeware options [LePou and Nick Crow in particular] are great - frankly, they are better than most of the commercial alternatives. The same can be said for impulse responses.

I second the behringer audio interface option [or something similar] as it'll provide more flexibility. But if iOS integration is important to you then go for the iRig.
RIP Gooze

So I picked up the iRig HD 2 yesterday. I managed to get it up and running on my Mac, but when using the supplied cable it wouldn't power on with my iPhone. Bummer, I suspect the cable is faulty. I would go back to Guitar Center but I registered the product on it's website and redeemed free software. So I contacted the manufacturer for warranty service.

My teachers throwing me into the deep end with composition. He showed me how Garageband works on iPad/iPhone. Didn't realize it was that easy to create a song. More so if you're a musician that can take advantage of the software.