I've been searching for a reconnection.
A validation or an expectation
for your phone call or lingering print at my doorstep.

My Sweat glands active and my hair is tied back.
His manual Windows with the peeling tint rolled down.
Air to flood the scent of cigarettes.

I'm waiting in his backyard with scrapes on my arms.
He unlocked the back door and lead me to the couch.

I'm running his bath and washing his hair.
I wouldn't disobey him,
I wouldn't dare.
laying in his brothers bed with my arms pinned down.
I haven't been protected,
I haven't felt sound.

He says to
Get down on the floor,
We'll have more space here.
Lay down on your stomach
Raise yourself up to me
To fulfill my needs,
The reason I brought you here.

He looked me in my eyes
But all that I saw,
Carving into perfection
Is his loving stare.
I swear the same thing is always on my mind.
Last edited by Stirups at Dec 30, 2016,
Definitely not the moon-croon-june love thing. The darkness, pain, fear and yet love paints a very complicated relationship. Makes me a little anxious. I hope it all turns out OK.
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