Hey all. A guy is offering me custom built clone pedals as part of offer on a trade we are talking about. Two questions, first is what clones would be most valuable on todays market if I just wanted to chuck them on eBay and sell to get cash instead of keeping these pedals (trying to come up with about $250-$300 value... or more would be fine).

Second, what pedals would you guys really love to own. I've been using in the box effects for a lot recording and live I've got multi-effects all saved for different sounds. Haven't been pedal dancing in awhile. What do you think?

By the way, he says he gets his schematics from http://tagboardeffects.blogspot.com/ so there is a list of stuff there. But I guess any schematic that is available should be able to do?

Here is dudes instagram for a couple of his past builds and work https://www.instagram.com/iphughesy89/

So looking any recommendations or suggestions. I guess if anyone would like a pedal from this guy could work something out here, but I bet unlikely to find anyone. But yeah, comment away!
No interest.
"Custom built" is pretty much the same as "DIY" unless the guy has really established a name (Keeley, Wampler) for quality work.
I just don't see value there.
^ Yeah pretty much. They might be just fine pedals (and not all of the big names are necessarily well-built etc. either ), but if you're only taking them as part of a trade to make up the cost to make it a fair trade, the value is what's important.
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Yeah I mean there are some 'boutique' pedal builders that can ask a silly amount of cash for a clone but for the most part, if it isn't made by somebody 'big' in the pedal scene they probably aren't worth whatever you wanted to trade for em. Even if they were you'd have to find somebody interested in buying and paying what you want and that is harder than it seems from what I've found personally.
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I was thinking about doing a Klon Centaur, Hughes & Kettner Red Box Classic DI just to have for DI studio stuff. Death By Audio Reverberation Machine was pretty cool. VFE Darkhorse or EarthQuaker Devices Talons distortion were cool for driven sounds. Paul Cochrane Tim and Parasit Studio - Into The Unknown were just crazy weird pedals that would be toys to play with for unique fun.

But maybe I shouldn't go with any?
Guy is alternatively offering a couple of Cerwin Vega 188EB 18" speakers. Maybe I should go with that instead?
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Guy is alternatively offering a couple of Cerwin Vega 188EB 18" speakers. Maybe I should go with that instead?

IF they're in perfect shape, yes. But they're designed to work in the big CV Earthquake folded horn subwoofer cabinets, and unless you find someone who's either building those or has blown speakers in them already, they're going to be a hard sell. I've seen some sit on eBay/Craigs for months. If *you're* going to build Earthquakes (or have a carpenter who can), go for it.
Said they have both been professional reconed with recone kits alone being $70+. I am not going to be building anything.
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Said they have both been professional reconed with recone kits alone being $70+. I am not going to be building anything.

Doesn't matter. You're essentially being asked to sell them FOR him (because you can't use them), so it doesn't matter how valuable they are if you can't do that and make a profit to cover your time and trouble. If HE can't sell them to fund his purchase, chances are good you're not going to be a whole lot more successful.
Probably will still do it. He's trading a DR Z Monza w/ volume knob for my Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine in Mesa Enclosure w/ dust cover. Last sold listings Have been $925 and $849 on M6's without case. One with case sold for $799, now sure how that worked out. They got a M6 brand new for $750 obo right now. I can sell the Dr.Z for $900 and the speakers bring some extra cash. Or I could get some pedals to play with or try to sell. I've got $1100 on my Mesa with case, but probably unlikely to get that.