I just have some questions about wireless systems for guitar, more specifically which is recommended and what I need to know before getting one.
For home use? For gigs? Any budget? We need some info to give recommendations. Some points to consider:

Price range
Battery duration
Signal distance
Amount of channels if there are more players using wireless systems
Since its mostly for home use I assume you're looking for the most convenient product. That means you'll want a transmitter which you do not have to carry around on your waist. You could take a look at the XVive system ( https://www.thomann.de/gb/xvive_wireless_system_u2.htm ) since its pretty close to your initial budget. The natural drawback is its battery life which is no more than around 5 hours. So you have to charge it up at least every other day.

With $350 you can get some really nice gear. Stageclix ( https://www.thomann.de/gb/stageclix_jack_v3.htm ) should keep you satisfied with a much longer battery time and distance.
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Quote by roy.s.otterlei
Well, mainly for home use and small gigs, looking for something around 115 USD.

I'd stick with a cable. There's nothing I'd recommend at that budget.
For home use? Just stick with a cable, unless you wanna deal with beltpacks or annoying dongles hanging out of your jack, and changing batteries almost every day. Its just not worth it.

For gigs tho? Then go for it, but for that budget im not sure i would recommend any. The xvive seems really shady to me, and i dunno how the line6 G10 is, but i kinda hate the dongle ones anyway. The one i can recomend tho is the line6 g50 or g55. It has a complete metal transmitter, so it wont break like the g30's are said to, and it has great sound quality and decent battery life (for a guitar wireless anyway). I cant hear a difference between it and a cable anyway, and its just really convenient for gigs, unless you switch guitars a lot. It is quite above your budget tho, but i wouldnt risk it with anything cheaper for live situations.
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